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Friday, June 27, 2014

Recipe of the Day-ish 5 Rice and Beans

This is not a strict recipe. It's a story about my dinner tonight.

Rice and beans is among the most versatile dishes and very hard to mess up, really! When I think of rice and beans I first think of a spicy, red pepper heavy dish, then, secondly, I think curry, but what I have figured out is that seriously, ANY seasoning works for this! Today we have a very simple version. It was destined for a potluck so I wanted to make it palatable to lots of people, including kids.

I pulled one sandwich bag of the par cooked beans described on Day 2 from the freezer and finished cooking them with garlic, Jane's Krazy Salt, chicken bouillon, and pepper. Then I cooked 1 1/2 cups of rice with olive oil, diced onions (previously prepped in the fridge),salt and pepper and about a cup of diced carrots (also previously prepped in the freezer). When they were both cooked, I added two small tomatoes (diced) and some more olive oil and Jane's Krazy (I love that stuff!). It is really perfect for a summer meal where strong flavors seem like too much. I planned on adding some basil from the yard at the very end, but forgot and just ate it as is (maybe some basil will make it to the leftovers). This made easily five large servings or at least ten as a side dish. 

How do you cook this? I use and love my electric pressure cooker. I understand not everyone has one so you can use a crock pot and let it cook all day; a rice cooker; pot on the stove; covered casserole dish in the oven; really whatever is easy for you.

The recipe is this: take some beans, take some rice, add some vegetables, add the first seasonings you see, dump it all together, enjoy.

Any requests for this series of recipes? I'd love to hear them!

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