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Friday, February 12, 2010

Cookie Day

Laurel has lots of pictures from Cookie Day:

Grace and Glory - Cookie Day!

Valentine's Activities

It has already been a busy Valentine's week.  We went to the annual FoMM Cookie Day at the Capitol.  The kids were so well-behaved, I was proud to have them to show off.  Mostly, they were just there for the cookies and pizza. :-)

We also went to a party at our new friends' house.  I knew Paige would have a great time, and she did. 

I was afraid Levi would be bored so I let him bring a book and this is how he started the party:

BUT! In a surprise move, he actually had fun, too!  He did a scavenger hunt with the other big kids (three girls his age) and even stood still and let a younger kid make him into a snowman with toilet paper for a game.

Scavenger hunt with Shiloh (it's her house)
Little kids scavenger hunt
That's Eowyn (it's her house, too)
Paige's snowman (er, snowgirl). It's melting. :-)
The process
The finished snowman (notice the black buttons and orange nose taped on)