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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am blessed

Earlier I was feeling overwhelmed, but I am reminded that I am blessed.  It is cold and snowy and I realized for a moment how beautiful it is.  My honey is sleeping in my bed and I am watching Buffy and so unbelievably happy and in love.  Who'd a thunk it? :-)

A light dusting on my bushes, the light snowfall, and the steam from the dryer vent.  Pretty.


I usually really like my job.  I am well-suited to it and it usually pays my bills.  I am in a slump, though. :-(  As it turns out, people don't always tip as they should and it doesn't help when the kitchen takes, oh, three times as long as they should to get food to the table.  Not my fault, but it still affects my livelihood, my ability to pay my bills and feed my family.  Argh.  Not a happy girl today. If anyone knows of any bartending or high paying serving jobs available, let me know...