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Monday, March 22, 2010

Me looking hot

So, about once every... never... I get all dressed up and go out.  This time it was for my birthday and two of my friends, Danielle and Hannah took me out to the Ameristar Casino's club, called HOME.  Apparently, there is this show called, Jersey Shores, and on this show, there is a guy named, Pauly D.  He is a DJ and now, because of the tv show, he is a celebrity and was at the club.  Danielle asked if I would go and it just so happened it was on the weekend of my 35th birthday so I said, "yea!"  It was super fun, we all had a great time, here is photographic proof:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Margaret and Helen

I love Margaret and Helen!  She is able to put into words the things my brain has be trying so hard to avoid exploding from:
Your party had an issue with President Obama telling school children to stay in school and study hard.  I guess a black man can’t be trusted with your children regardless of his credentials. 
          You love the constitution but you seem to pick through that document the same way you pick through 
          the Bible – with all the effectiveness of eating corn on the cob through a picket fence.
We are actively involved in  two wars, but you  just can’t understand why the deficit is so big?   Regardless of what you have been told,  every time a bomb is dropped, an angel does not get her wings.  Hint:  Defense spending represents almost one quarter of all federal spending.
Today’s Republican Party has an issue with abortion, but then fights against healthcare reform knowing full well that more than 9 million children lack health insurance.

I mean, I'm sure all those uninsured kids would surely be adopted by loving pro-life parents, because, of course, a parent who can't even afford health insurance should have someone else take over the parenting.  I am sooo frustrated every day with the politics of our country it makes me sad that I ever started to care and think that could make a difference.

Why I don't write

So, I started this blog with a plan of regularly writing the interesting things that happen in our lives.   As it turns out there are fewer than I thought. :-)  Also, I am awful at remembering to post.  So here are some updates:

Levi helped with the sets for the homeschool play this year.  They did  Around the World in 80 Days and by all accounts it was wonderful.  He didn't really want to do it, but I prodded and he really seems to have enjoyed it.  While he had down time during rehearsals he listened to his MP3 player which Doug imported a bunch of songs and comedy to and he liked that as well.  He is an easy boy to keep occupied.

Paige is funny as always, while at the Capitol, a Senator asked her if she was going to be good and she responded, "it's possible."   She also told me she needs to buy more lion figurines because she has too many elephants and they will take over if the lions can't keep up.  That's my Paigie.

Doug and I are great.  Our schedules are weird and I wish we could see more of each other, but I like that he is able to take off for the kids things sometimes (and really wants to even without my asking!) and sometimes we have days off together, but when I'm at home at night alone, it makes me miss him a lot (like tonight).

Co-op has started back up again.  We just love it!  I am the 7th-12th grade coordinator again and the classes are very fun and easy on me.  I am teaching a dissection class (which I have done six or eight times at least) and a "Planning for the Future" class that helps kids with note taking and career and/or job planning and whatever else the kids feel like talking about.

Stupid Rep. Talboy has decided that midwives should be felons again and has proposed a bill that might possibly license some midwives, but in actuality will just drive the vast majority of them back into the dark.  I'm upset about this a great deal and would like to help all I can.  The leadership of our main lobbying groups is very, um, well, not me LOL and might not want my type of help and I will defer to them.  We have gotten this far with a very conservative lead and considering the Republicans have a majority in the state, it makes sense to have "friendlies" take the lead.  I have been able to talk outside the dome to several legislators from both parties and it's amazing how much more influence a casual conversation can have than a sit-down, scheduled conversation, which, of course, is where lobbyists earn their keep.  Hopefully, we will be able to stave off this newest assault while we try to pin down exactly what the midwives of Missouri want for their legal status.

So, why I don't write...well, I'm lazy, but really, I just don't think about the dull every day things being of interest to anyone else.  I'll try to do better...