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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Master Grocery List

I love to grocery shop. I know, that's weird, but I do. I really, really do. I get excited about lists and comparison shopping and meal planning. I couldn't care less about shoe or clothes shopping; I'm not a good girl... Anyway, I have some tools that I use that make it more fun for me, but also could make it faster and easier for someone less passionate about groceries (I hear that's a thing).

My favorite is the Master List. I made a list of everything I ever buy (and put it on the fridge) so when I make my shopping list I don't forget anything. This is only practical because of one thing - I only buy ingredients. When I bought pre-made sauces and boxed meals my list was twice as long, but could only produce half as many meals. I do rely a lot on cans, specifically canned tomatoes, but they are so versatile! Salsa? Marinara? Tomato basil pasta? Roasted tomato crostinis? Jambalaya? All from one can? Come on! That's awesome!

Every once in a while we will make a recipe that calls for something else (sushi comes to mind) and some things on the list are rare purchases, and, of course, most of the dairy items listed are actually dairy free versions. I recognize other people probably have other staples that they can't believe I live without, but we are doing a-okay. :-)

Without further ado, the list:


Thoughts? What did I leave off?