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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How I Aeropress

Doug found the Aeropress for me a year or so ago and I resisted buying it because I was happy with my french press method and  thought it was just a gimmick. My mother-in-law got me one for Christmas and I was super excited to try it (although still skeptical that it would see long term usage.)
Some people are a little nutso about theirs! LOL

Yes, a competition! (click picture for link)

I am as surprised as anyone that, now half a year later, I am still using it every day! I initially didn't like that I had to make one cup at a time, but I've now made some adjustments to fix that snag. Making one cup at a time still yields the best tasting cup, but the method I'll describe is a tremendous improvement over drip, tied with a french press, and infinitely better than a Keurig.

I use the inverted method, which eliminates dripping during brewing time.The numbers below follow the picture as you would read starting at the top left. 
  1. Heat 28 ounces of water to 180*-190*
  2. Add 4 tablespoons (59g) quality freshly ground coffee (fairly fine grind), a bit more if your beans aren't terribly flavorful
  3. The grounds go to about the 3 level
  4. Add enough water to fill and stir gently
  5. When it looks like this, stir another 5ish seconds, about 15 seconds total, top off with as much water as will fit
  6. Slightly wet the filter to make it stick to the lid, I do this as I pour the remaining water into an insulated carafe (my old Thermos french press)
  7. Screw on the lid and let brew 3-4 minutes
  8. Flip over and slowly press the plunger down into carafe (as an aside, ladies - if you happen to have a diastasis recti or are trying to remember to do your kegels, this is a great time to do your exercises)
  9. Enjoy delicious coffee; Batman mug not required, but adds to the experience.

Right now I use the paper filters that came with the press, but when they run out, I will probably get a stainless steel, reusable filter to let through some of the oils that are trapped by paper that I miss from the french press.