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Monday, January 26, 2009


My kids are great. No story to tell or anything, just wanted to publicly document that they are a joy to be around. I am very blessed. Here are some random pics:

At Attorney General Koster's inaugural reception

Paige figured out that taking a pic with a fork makes it look like people are behind bars

Goofing off

Showing what angels they are

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I never make resolutions. I don't stick with things the rest of the year, why would cold and dreary January be a good time to try? All I want to do these days is curl up with some pie. :-) No, really, I'm making at least a pie a week these days plus some cookies and maybe some muffins, I think somewhere inside of me I'm getting ready to hibernate. LOL

So, anyway, my point (and I'm pretty sure I have one) is that I've made a resolution of sorts, a promise to myself, maybe more like a list of demands, actually. If I decide to look for a husband, there are some things I know I want and deserve:

We will see a minimum of two plays a year.
We will see a minimum of two concerts a year.
We will have at least one date a month, even if just for coffee.
I will not go alone to any formal event (e.g. inaugural ball).
I will be accompanied to the Capitol at least twice a session.
I will not be alone for any kids' event that does not directly conflict with work.
I will be told I'm beautiful when I wake up in the morning and am growly.
I will be willing to submit to a similar "list of demands" from my partner.
I will not settle for someone who I have to fight on any of these and who I am not eager to fulfill his "demands."

Completely reasonable, I think.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My life

I have a very nice little life.

I work hard for it, I rarely have more than two days off a month, but I like what I do and I am able to afford all that I need and some that I want, so things are okay. On paper, my life doesn't appear that great; my house isn't the nicest, my schooling isn't as organized as it should be, my dog barks at all hours of the night, my job isn't glamorous, there is no husband in sight, I don't have a lot of friends, I still don't have my Christmas scrapbooks made, and on and on.

The crazy thing is that I'm happy and my kids are, too, so all is well. Sometimes I forget the big picture and get bogged down in all the "on paper" details. Today I had a conversation with my best friend who is going through a rough time and I realized that a whole lot of people would be really happy to have my little life.