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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Khan Academy

My friend, Laurel, posted about the Khan Academy on her blog and I followed the link expecting it to be nice.  Holy cow!  This site is amazing!

The article Laurel posted about (Global Teacher) only touches on the enormity and quality of the lessons available for FREE!  I plan to use this as a very large part of the kids' math, science, current events, and history curriculum fro the rest of their education.

Today, we watched lessons on multiplication tables for Paige and "lattice multiplication" for Levi, which I had never even heard of!  Levi also watched the "intro to physics" and we talked about how Myth-Busters uses those principles.

Sal Khan is a genius and amazingly generous man and I am so thankful to have people like him in my "village."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yea for volunteers!

We had our homeschool co-op meeting today to plan for the fall semester and it was the easiest meeting and the easiest term yet to plan!  There are more volunteers for class teachers and assistants than I have ever had to work with.  I am used to having to scrounge for classes and beg for assistants and this term there is none of that!  We actually have more classes than we need! 

It is so wonderful to see the idea of a true cooperative coming together just as the original planners had in mind so many years ago (gosh, what is it, six? maybe?).  It took us a bit to get there but it really feels like a family-run unit this time.  The fact that there is so much "new blood" this year is also helpful.  The homeschool community, in general and in our group, is becoming much more diversified and that is a beautiful thing!