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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We are mostly moved in! 
Here are the girls using the secret entrance (through our bedroom) to the sun/playroom. 

I wasn't so sure I would like nearly black walls in the kitchen, but they are really growing on me. The kitchen is small, but it is so nice and we have a big built-in hutch in the dining room to provide additional storage.

I know it needs some decorating!

Beautifully remodeled bathroom
The sun/playroom. It leads right into the kitchen and the deck. I love this space!

This is the study, aka the dressing room and office. It still needs some rearranging, but we love having a space outside the bedroom to get dressed so whoever is lucky enough to get to sleep in can do so in peace.

This isn't a good picture, but it is Doug's favorite spot in the house. From here you can see all of the downstairs rooms if you stand just right.

And now, for the biggest room of the house - Paige's. This is the sleeping area. At one time our house was a duplex and the upstairs was a one-bedroom apartment. Levi got the bedroom and Paige got the living room/kitchen areas.

Continuation of Paige's room, this will be her art and changing area.

Our beautiful deck that overlooks the fenced-in yard

So, there it is, well most of it anyway. :-) We love, love it!