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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I never make resolutions. I don't stick with things the rest of the year, why would cold and dreary January be a good time to try? All I want to do these days is curl up with some pie. :-) No, really, I'm making at least a pie a week these days plus some cookies and maybe some muffins, I think somewhere inside of me I'm getting ready to hibernate. LOL

So, anyway, my point (and I'm pretty sure I have one) is that I've made a resolution of sorts, a promise to myself, maybe more like a list of demands, actually. If I decide to look for a husband, there are some things I know I want and deserve:

We will see a minimum of two plays a year.
We will see a minimum of two concerts a year.
We will have at least one date a month, even if just for coffee.
I will not go alone to any formal event (e.g. inaugural ball).
I will be accompanied to the Capitol at least twice a session.
I will not be alone for any kids' event that does not directly conflict with work.
I will be told I'm beautiful when I wake up in the morning and am growly.
I will be willing to submit to a similar "list of demands" from my partner.
I will not settle for someone who I have to fight on any of these and who I am not eager to fulfill his "demands."

Completely reasonable, I think.

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