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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Margaret and Helen

I love Margaret and Helen!  She is able to put into words the things my brain has be trying so hard to avoid exploding from:
Your party had an issue with President Obama telling school children to stay in school and study hard.  I guess a black man can’t be trusted with your children regardless of his credentials. 
          You love the constitution but you seem to pick through that document the same way you pick through 
          the Bible – with all the effectiveness of eating corn on the cob through a picket fence.
We are actively involved in  two wars, but you  just can’t understand why the deficit is so big?   Regardless of what you have been told,  every time a bomb is dropped, an angel does not get her wings.  Hint:  Defense spending represents almost one quarter of all federal spending.
Today’s Republican Party has an issue with abortion, but then fights against healthcare reform knowing full well that more than 9 million children lack health insurance.

I mean, I'm sure all those uninsured kids would surely be adopted by loving pro-life parents, because, of course, a parent who can't even afford health insurance should have someone else take over the parenting.  I am sooo frustrated every day with the politics of our country it makes me sad that I ever started to care and think that could make a difference.

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