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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Activities

It has already been a busy Valentine's week.  We went to the annual FoMM Cookie Day at the Capitol.  The kids were so well-behaved, I was proud to have them to show off.  Mostly, they were just there for the cookies and pizza. :-)

We also went to a party at our new friends' house.  I knew Paige would have a great time, and she did. 

I was afraid Levi would be bored so I let him bring a book and this is how he started the party:

BUT! In a surprise move, he actually had fun, too!  He did a scavenger hunt with the other big kids (three girls his age) and even stood still and let a younger kid make him into a snowman with toilet paper for a game.

Scavenger hunt with Shiloh (it's her house)
Little kids scavenger hunt
That's Eowyn (it's her house, too)
Paige's snowman (er, snowgirl). It's melting. :-)
The process
The finished snowman (notice the black buttons and orange nose taped on)


natalie said...

LOL, popped over from Laurel's cookie day post to discover my backside behind your pizza eating kiddos.

I forgot to take *any* cookie day pictures, and have been hoping to find one of us, but I'm guessing that isn't the best one for the scrapbook... ;)

Kolbi said...

Yeah, probably not ideal! I brought my camera but only remembered to take pictures once, at lunch. Silly,distracted mom. :-)