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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recipe of the day-ish 4 - Granola

The measurements on this are pretty flexible and you can add as many or few additions as you like.

1/2 cup oil
3/4 cup sugar (honey, white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, agave or combination of whatever you like)
5-7 cups oats
1-2 t cinnamon
pinch salt
wheat germ, flax, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate, whatever!

Boil the sugars and oil until they are foamy and completely combined, about 3 minutes. You can do this in the microwave or on the stove.

Add the oats, cinnamon, and salt, stir. If you are using flax or wheat germ, add it now. Pour onto a greased cookie sheet and flatten out a bit. Bake at about 350* for 8-10 or so minutes, until the edges just barely start to turn brown. Turn the oven off and leave the granola in the oven overnight or at least 4 hours. Add any other additions and put in storage container with lid. It should break into some small and some larger chunks. If there are no chunks it will still taste delicious, but that probably just means you needed to cook the sugars a little longer.

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