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Friday, February 28, 2014

Just So We're Clear...

I just realized that I post a lot about how inexpensively we eat. What I am not always clear about is the motivation. Anyone who knows Doug or I will not be surprised by this: we have little to no self control. Asking us to deprive ourselves, especially for something as frivolous as staying within a budget would NEVER fly!

The secret is that we eat and plan and shop the way we do because of two incredibly selfish reasons -

  • Laziness
    • If you plan the month's meals in advance and shop so every ingredient is in the house, you can make dinner without having to put real pants and shoes on.
    • I only have to think about what to have for dinner once a month!
  • We are snobby eaters
    • We like the stuff we eat and think most processed food is gross.
    • We want to have control over the kids' diets.
The awesome thing is that when I started keeping track of what I spent, I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how cheap it was! It is rare that you find such a nice perk to being lazy and snobby!

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