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Friday, March 29, 2013

My Latest Obesssion (aka revisiting the 1970's)

My meals tend to go in cycles; ranging from down home to near gourmet. I will get on a tomato pasta kick, then a hummus kick, then a lemon pepper kick... Right now, I am completely addicted to Seven Layer Dip. I'm sure part of it is that it is so stupid easy, I always have the ingredients, it dirties very few dishes and lately I am TIRED! But also, it is just so yummy! I call it seven layer because I'm a child of the seventies and I'm pretty sure that was its heyday, but it rarely has only seven. Here is today's edition:

Starting to layer - the beer doesn't go in, but it certainly is delicious!

Finished product, isn't it pretty! 
Here are today's layers:

canned refried beans
canned chili beans
frozen corn
raw jalapeno
almost guacamole (diced avocado, lime juice, s&p) sometimes I make real guac, but today was all about fast
sour cream (dairy free)

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