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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I almost get fired

Alright, let me start by saying that I have an odd sense of humor that not many people get. Actually, I've only ever found two and one is my sister. LOL So here's the story of how I almost/might lose my new job:

Today we had a server meeting and the chef asked me to take notes which I will later type up as official minutes. I do a very thorough job but every once in awhile I add some little comments that just make me giggle. Keep in mind that I think I am the only one who will ever read these. Everyone else will only see the typed version. Examples of my extra comments: another server scribbled on my paper and I wrote that he is a dork. The boss leading the meeting was being silly while teaching us to open wine and I wrote the he wanted us to act like an idiot at the table. At one point he said shit and hasta la vista and I noted that.

Now to the fired part. I left the notes on the chef's desk after I finished typing them, I don't know why, I just did. I thought I should keep them in case he had any questions about what I typed and I could check them to clarify. I should have grabbed them, but I needed to get to work and just left them on the desk (he wasn't even there, no one should have needed in there anyway.) Well, the bar/floor manager went in the office to do something and noticed them. I don't know if she just happened to notice her name or if she was being nosy or what, but she read at least the part about her. At one point she had to leave to take a call or something and I noted it by saying that she left because she was too cool to hang with us. When she returned, I put that she came back because she missed us. If ANY rational person finds that the least bit offensive, please let me know. It was just a silly comment and made me giggle. That's it. Well, she came out of the office and found me in the kitchen (surrounded by people, mind you) wagging the paper and demanded an explanation. I apologized if I offended her and assured her that those were only my personal notes and offered to show her the official copy that had no mention of her at all. She totally flipped out and said she was calling the GM/owner and I would have to explain to him how I could possibly do that, blah, blah, blah. The whole time I was just confused and shocked. I tried to explain that it was in no way derogatory, only my notes, etc. to no avail. Later, I pulled her aside and again apologized if I offended her and that it certainly was not my intention. She was just pissed!

One of the servers who was there for the whole thing texted the chef to let him know what was going one and he told her to have me call him. I did and he said the only reason he wanted to talk to me was to make sure I didn't do anything rash like quit and that he wasn't at all worried. He knew I didn't do anything wrong and sometimes she just flips out over nothing. He said she probably won't even call the GM but even if she did I shouldn't worry.

So, that's my story. Fun, huh?

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