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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer is here

I kicked off official summer this weekend at Jolly Rogers. The Pirate is just as much fun and as lucrative as I remember! Yea!

Those of you who know me really well know that I sometimes get a bit paranoid and nervous. At an old job, I had a minor panic attack every time I pulled into the parking lot because I knew today would be the day they would fire me. I'm getting better at keeping those thoughts in check and have regulated my mood swings with my crazy meds fairly effectively. Rationally, I know I am a good employee. I work hard, follow the rules, am obsessively honest , and (most importantly in restaurant work) always show up. That being said, this first weekend has been a bit rough. I am kind of the new girl, but kind of not since the restaurant has been open weekends for a bit, so some of the new girls have been there already this year. I feel a little out of place because of my age anyway. I don't know, I'm a mess (we can all agree, right)and need constant reassurance of my value.

I'm am really fortunate that I have a great friend who understands me and sees through my confident facade and knows when a hug (either in person or through text) is needed. He boosts my fragile self-esteem so I can continue to wear my "server-face" even when I'm terrified of invisible threats.

So, all that out. I'm so excited to be back at the Lake, it's great. I love the owners, I love the guests. It's so nice for people to let me take part in their vacation and, better yet, TIP me for it! We just need the weather to cooperate and all will be well. Regardless, it's SUMMER! YEA!!

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