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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Plan

So I started a second job this week at the lake (about an hour drive and $9 in gas) and love it! The place is called Jolly Rogers and is a pirate-themed restaurant and bar. A friend from Applebee's told me about it and promised that the money would be worth the drive. It is such a fun place, and totally laid back. The guests are mostly on vacation, so just out to have a good time, unlike Applebee's where people are always busy and in a hurry. I love the Apple and am comfortable in the corporate chain environment, but it is nice to do something different. I usually budget $100 a night at Applebee's, but last night at Jolly Rogers I made $200 and the night started out really slow because it had just finished raining. From what I understand, that is an average, maybe even low night. I am going to work at each place two -three nights a week through the summer, then probably go back to just Applebee's. It should really help with my finances.

I am doing the Dave Ramsey gazelle intensity debt-reduction plan. I got out and dusted off my envelope system and put the tips from last night in there. I will use tonight and tomorrow's money to put toward the mortgage.

I plan to pay off the house in twelve years so that when Paige goes to college, I can move to Florida. But, I am wondering if I should start that plan this month or use the additional $185 that I need to pay to make that goal to pay off the credit card.


Meet the Hortons said...

Hi Kolbia, just reading your blog. Love Dave Ramsey! Good choice. Ed and I did FPU at the Blair Oaks School a couple of years ago. Good investment of time. Good luck!

Kolbi said...

Thanks for reading! I have fallen off the Ramsey plan and need to get back on it. Thank you for reminding me!