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Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Pets

In other news, last week I bought the kids pet mice. They chose two males because the males seemed more active in the store. Well, as it turns out, males don't make good pets beause they will fight until one becomes the dominate one and the other has constant bloody bites. They also smell really bad. So we returned the males and the guy was really surprised that the first guy didn't tell us that. So we traded them for two females. Levi's is named Jake and is brown. Paige chose a white one and named her Digger. Digger was the smallest mouse in the pet shop and yesterday she escaped. Paige is arguing with me that she wants another baby, but I am not budging - she is getting the biggest one there, I'm not paying money to put mice in my walls!

Update: I have never been so happy to see a dead mouse - Levi found Digger under the wheel in the cage, yea! No mice in the walls! We put her by the garage to be a guard mouse, then the kids decided to bury her out back, either way, they aren't the least bit bothered by the, umm - circle of life.

So now, we have a new white and black mouse named Speedy, let's see how long she lasts...

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