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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cheap and Easy Decorating - Towels

Sometimes I make updates that make a huge difference and I wonder what the heck took me so long to do it. I am challenging myself to try to make the house look less like a single 24 year old man lives here and more like adults with jobs and such. I've even employed (in the free type of employment) my lovely cousin, Jaimi, who has a terrific sense of style but is also frugal to help me out. She was here for 15 minutes before fixing the entry area that Doug and I have been trying to figure out for a year (pictures of that soon.)

Today's post, though, is about towels. I have always been of the opinion that if a towel absorbs water after you bathe, then it is a keeper, regardless of its appearance. I finally decided to upgrade the towels and even coordinate with our new bathroom. We had four nice brown towels that were a gift and four pretty decent white towels that I actually bought here and there, but the brown didn't really match the gray and black bathroom. It did match the kids' upstairs blue, green, and brown shower curtain, so they got the brown and two of the white. I kept two of the white and bought some new green bath towels and even a matching rug and hand towels, like a grown up! I was amazed at what a difference it made. The kicker is that I actually got rid of the crappy towels (turned them into rat bedding) so I am not tempted to use them. Wanna see a picture?

So much better, right? And that, to be perfectly honest, isn't what the towels normally looked like before, they were much more, umm freeform in their placement. What did this big decorating event cost? Millions of dollars, probably since I spend so long putting it off... Or, by shopping at Kohl's 60% off rack, $7.50 each for the big, luxurious bath towels, $6 for all four hand towels, and $10 for the softest rug I've ever felt. $46 total, plus I have a card that gets me 15% off plus they were having a special that gave me $10 in Kohl's cash to use later. So, a grand total of $33 to look like I'm some sort of put together. Crazy.


Kara Helfrich said...

If you would have used your sisters website you probably could have saved more!

Snobizjc said...

I don't know what my problem is, but I just can not make myself shop online. I know that it would be easier and cheaper... I have no explanation