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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recipe of the Day-ish 9 Enchiladas

Don't be a chicken! I think the biggest reason why I know how to cook is so simple. I'm not afraid to fail. I try things and sometimes they aren't great. I have cooked often enough to be able to salvage most meals even if they aren't exactly what I envisioned.

Today, I tried something new and it turned out pretty darn good. :-) I have made enchiladas a lot of times but I always buy the canned enchilada sauce. Thanks to the lovely internet, I found this recipe: Ten Minute Enchilada Sauce and found that I had enough of the ingredients to try (also, I know that self-rising flour is just flour with baking powder and salt, so could substitute). I also did it in the microwave because I was hungry and ten minutes seemed like a lot of minutes.

I had some rice and beans and also some refried bean dip in the fridge so I mixed those together, warmed them in the microwave and wrapped them in a tortilla, covered them in the sauce and threw it in the oven for about ten minutes. Delish!

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