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Monday, February 4, 2013

Big Changes in Kolbi-land

My blog is old. It's hard to deny that when even the tagline is so dated:

"Explore the life of a divorced mom of two, homeschooler, midwifery advocate, volunteer lactation consultant, bartender."

Let's break it down, shall we?

divorced mom of two - remarried mom of three
homeschooler - and public schooler
midwifery advocate - yes, but who just had a hospital birth
volunteer lactation consultant - when I have the time
bartender - retired :-)

I could also add candidate for city council, PTO mom, day care provider, and small business owner.

I have a renewed interest in blogging as a way to organize and "flush out" my thoughts and ideas before releasing them to a larger market or get them out here so they aren't released at all.  

So let's talk politics: When I told my friend from high school that I was running for public office, she reminded me how behind schedule I am! In our yearbook I, apparently, wrote that we would still be friends when I was president! Ah, teenage dreams! The truth is that I have always had an interest in politics. All those boring speeches and debates? I find them actually interesting! This seat is certainly just a small foray into politics, but it does feel nice. At this point in my life, I'm not interested in an ugly, expensive, exhausting fight for a high profile office, but am very much interested in serving my community. I am also of the opinion that if I do not win this time, then it just means it wasn't the right time and I will try again later. The older I get, the less personally I take things like this. I think the City of Jefferson will be well served by my slightly different perspective, outlook, and energy and am excited to be given the opportunity. 

So, what's this about public school and PTO? Well, funny story. You know how I have always said that we homeschool because it is what best fits our lives and if that ever became untrue we would reevaluate? Turns out, that's true! Levi was no longer enjoying having the hybrid mom/teacher and after several opportunities to work things out, we decided to try public school. He loves it! Well, everything except how early he has to get up! He has done really well academically and socially. I'm so proud of him! I have also enjoyed being able to become active with the PTO. I expected it to look like PTO on TV or homeschool parent meetings. Ha! I was in for quite a shock! There is virtually NO parental involvement, I was flabbergasted by the lack of involvement. There are around 1800 students in Levi's school and I am the only person in attendance at the PTO meetings other than the board members! The silver lining is that I can do whatever projects I want, they are so happy to have me! LOL I am currently working on catering a meal for the teachers and staff during Parent/Teacher Conferences and am so excited about doing this for several reasons. One, the teachers and staff work really hard and deserve a little extra perk. Two, I want to try to get more parents involved. I believe that if you give people specific and simple ways to help, they will want to do more and that should be a top priority for any PTO. Three, I love completing projects and this is a fun way to combine my love of restaurants and mommying while also helping people. Lots of wins here!

Oh yeah, and I got married and had a baby. More on that later, trust me, lots more, you'll be sorry you brought it up. ;-)

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