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Friday, September 4, 2009

Epic fail

So, I'm kinda a nerd, I admit it. I've never worried about a test in my life, as a matter of fact, even when I should have worried because I didn't study, I was completely confident in my test-taking ability. I don't recall ever failing a test in my life. What does this have to do with my current life, you may wonder?

Wednesday, I went to Chili's to apply for a job. I have waited on the GM, Chris, many times (at my Applebees bar) and he likes me and knows I am a good employee. He was having a manager's meeting when I got there and told me to get an application and then talk to him and he would get me an interview. He looked at my availability and said it looked good and to come in Thursday (yesterday) to do, basically a formality, interview and silly personality test.

Ahh, you say, a test. But there's no way the personality test was a problem, right? It would be impossible for a person who loves and is good at the job being tested for to fail the test to determine employment eligibility, right? WRONG! I FAILED A PERSONALITY TEST! The worst thing is that they can't even tell me why, or even what part was the problem.

Chris wasn't there yesterday, so I called him this morning and asked if there was anything he could do. I mean, surely, the GM of a restaurant can override a silly test. Apparently not. He said he would look into it, see if maybe there was just a problem with the scoring, or I filled in the circles wrong, or aliens attacked, something!

So, how's the job hunting going? Super. At least ten restaurants I want to work at are fully staffed, the hiring manager at one I really want quit so they have to wait until her position is filled before they can hire servers, I get fast-tracked at Chili's only to blow it by not being able to properly answer questions about how happy I am in life and how trustworthy other people find me. :-/


Chris (CJ) said (paraphrasing), "Screw it, I want to hire you, I'll just deal with my boss if he questions it!"  So, I'm off to be a happy little Chili's girl.

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