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Friday, April 10, 2009

To Do List

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a big day. Here is the list: (updated at 3:00) (updated at 5:30) (updated Sunday)

  1. Wake up (sometimes a big deal to get around to). (check)
  2. Put washed stones in oven to make cool crayon covered polished paperweights. (check)
  3. Go pick up kidlets. (check)
  4. Feed kidlets (and me). (check)
  5. Use crayons to color warm stones. (check)
  6. Bake chicken for lunch and to make soup for dinner. (check)
  7. Feed kidlets (and me). (check)
  8. Boil eggs. (check)
  9. Shower all of us. (check)
  10. Color eggs using rubber cement to make swirly designs. (rubber cement drying as we speak)
  11. Set up incubator for incubation and embryology lab Monday (chick hatching). (check)
  12. Clean bathrooms. (check)
  13. Sweep and mop. (swept living room and school room) (check)
  14. Wash hundreds of water bottles and refill (perhaps minor hyperbole). (check)
  15. Vacuum dog hair from, well, everywhere, but especially couch where friend will be sleeping. (check)
  16. Laundry. (half way done) (3/4 done) (close enough)
  17. Dust. (check)
  18. Play with rats (pets, not free roaming). (check)
  19. Play stuffed animals with Paige (good mommy, but, honestly a bit tortuous, duty). (watched Wii and played Rescue Heroes instead)
  20. Groceries -raisins for hot cross buns, carrots and celery for soup, beer (I deserve it, darn it). (forgot I needed soy milk, dang.)
  21. Rent movie. (decided against it)
  22. Polish stone paper weights. (check)
  23. Entertain friend spending the night (probably Fluxx card game and movie). (check)
  24. Feed kidlets (and me and friend). (check)
  25. Make hot cross bun dough to bake Easter morning before work (yes, I "get" to work on Easter, yea). (forgot I needed soy milk, we'll make them tonight for tomorrow morning, Jesus won't mind a little Easter Monday celebrating, I'm sure)
  26. Relax, I have a night off work! (check, check, check)
Overall, Saturday was a fantastic day! It's amazing how much better my day is and how much more productive I am when I don't have to be worrying about getting to work and when I get the kids all day and night.

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