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Friday, July 6, 2007

Tired, but making it

Whew, this working all the time crap is kicking my butt! I was off last Tuesday and am not off again until next Tuesday. It is fantastic to have some wiggle room in the budget, though. I spent almost $300 this week on curriculum and was able to pay cash for it without taking any money away from my bills. I have not used the credit card in a couple of weeks and have no major expenses expected.

I am seeing a new psychiatrist next month for my yearly review and I think I will be able to get some assistance with my bi-polar meds, or at the very least get some samples which will really help out (they run about $175 per month.) Of course, there is the Catch-22 since I am working so much right now, my income might be too high to qualify for assistance even though it will drop off after the Lake job closes for the season. We shall see.

I am pretty stable on the meds right now, but I do sometimes wish I had a little hypo-mania going to give me some energy to work and be awake and alert during the day. I hate being so tired when I have the kiddos. I will just have to be satisfied with normal amounts of energy - mental stability is good!

In other news, I decided to break down and teach out of a box, at least for Language Arts and Social Studies. I am too lazy right now to make up my own curriculum and really need to button down on Levi's schooling. I am thankful to Matt for gently holding me accountable for getting school done every day, but I know we need to do more. Levi will hate some of what I got (e.g. handwriting,) but he is already excited about some things (e.g. the microscope and other experiment supplies.) He has corrupted Paige in a way that really bums me out. She already dreads school and hasn't even really started. I got her some materials that look really fun, so hopefully she will come around.