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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Pretty Good Day aka I'm a Domestic Goddess

Fact: I am a lousy housekeeper
Fact: I'm pretty darn lazy
Fact: I'm a good mom
Fact: I can be fun to be around
Fact: I'm a pretty good cook

All of those things are equally true, I just didn't want anyone to think I was all depressed and down on myself so I added in some good things. :-)

The great thing about being a lousy housewife is that even the most minimal effort makes you look pretty good and from there, domestic goddess is right around the corner! My poor sister has to do something pretty spectacular to get the kind of appreciation the most basic act gets me. Take that, perfectionism!

Anyway, what did I do today? Went shopping and did things I love doing. Yeah, it's almost that simple! Goose and I went to the little local farmer store place (that, wonderfully, is just around the corner from our new house!) and bought yummy and delicious goodies. In addition to some lavender and rosemary to put in a big pot that I keep planting things in and then killing :

Goose helping - look there are even bugs and plants on her shirt, I totally didn't plan that, but boy, does it make me look put together!

I got veggies for a pasta primavera tonight and a whole box of "almost done for" peppers. I love having diced peppers in the freezer for quick meals, so I don't care if they are starting to wrinkle a bit.
Look at my beautiful bags of diced peppers!

Lucille also cuted herself to a couple of almost free peaches and a lime. (read: picked them up and started eating before I could stop her) The guy there was super nice and knowledgeable, I just can't tell you strongly enough how much I love friendly people!

I should mention that a big help in achieving the domestic goddess status came from the fact that Lucille slept until 10:00 today and then took a nap this afternoon after terrorizing Target and the market. So I was well rested AND had some alone time with the knife.

Now, just prepping and freezing peppers isn't quite enough, I also prepped all of the veggies for the pasta tonight, including fresh basil, thyme, and rosemary from my YARD! Oh yeah! (okay, fine, I just bought the rosemary today, but it's still a plant and I picked the leaves, damn it!) Seriously, look at those red and yellow tomatoes, aren't they gorgeous! Plus, there are some mushrooms in that bowl that the guy literally was selling to the market while I was there. He harvested them today, there were still bugs and dirt on them for heaven's sake! How can you not love this kind of stuff?!?

Not pictured is the penne I boiled in chicken broth from the freezer and white wine I'll add (and drink) later

Now, all that is pretty good, wouldn't you say? But, wait! There's more!

Look, almost all of the dishes are done and one side of the sink is clean!

This is the type of half-ass domestic goddess crap I'm talking about! But seriously, I put some baking soda in it and wiped it for like a second with a washcloth then dumped some vinegar and... ta da! clean!

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