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Friday, February 11, 2011

The bird

I walk into the house today after leaving Paige for a playdate to find a bird in my kitchen.  Just flying around like it owns the place.  This is an incredibly stupid bird.  It has managed to pick a house to get in with four giant dogs.

"Wait a minute," you say. "You only have two dogs."  That was true a few days ago, but Doug and I thought - hey, four is better than two!  We would love to never have friends over again (not that we are copious entertainers, but still)!  So, Baxter and Audrey joined our Missy and Elizabeth this week. Back to the story, Levi and I had 260ish pounds of dogs helping us catch a 4 ounce bird.  And it only took about an hour. LOL

The crazy thing is I'm not terribly surprised a bird got in my house, these things just seem to happen to me.  And to think, we plan to add a baby to this mix, what could go wrong?  4 dogs+2 rats+3 kids+ an occasional bird= happy house

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