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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A reminder

We Believe...

... that with intelligent inquiry, access to education, and utilization of informed choice and disclosure statements, parents are the sole best decision-makers about their own maternity care, for no one mode or place of birth suits all families.

I was just on the Friends of Missouri Midwives website and read this simple statement for at least the thousandth time, but it really struck me tonight.  It is the statement that I have had to fight to have the legal right to practice.  And so many others have fought so much harder and given up so much more, all to give Missouri families the simple privilege of doing what is best in their situation.  That this idea would be able to cause so much heartache is a sure sign of a broken system, that those with money and influence can remove a parent's right to utilize a profession proven by scientific study and time.  It is a travesty of the way the legislative process should work.  I hope that common sense is able to seep back into the legislature with each new class of legislators as we purge some of those who listen with their greed instead of their mind.

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