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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is every Muslim a terrorist?

If you listen to most Americans, the answer is of course, yes.  It makes me so sad.  Can we please try to at least pretend we consider everyone equal?

A short, but spot-on blog post about what we should be thinking instead: Ft. Hood: Will we salute Muslim soldiers? by Leonard Pitts.  Here is an excerpt:
If you study the list of recent American casualties, you find names redolent of every other place on Earth, names that smell of Scottish highlands and Korean marketplaces, Yemeni ports and Nigerian mosques, Russian steppes and Mexican farms.

All of them choosing to make their lives here in the land of burger joints, rap music and amber waves of grain ... a land where, it is boasted, a man is not his past, a man is not his culture, a man is not his tribe. A man is a man.

It is an ideal never fully realized and yet, an ideal soldiers with names from every other place on Earth sign up every day to defend. That ought to tell you something. It ought to make you proud.

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