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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The return to the Pirate

My Sapphires career is finally, blissfully, not a moment too soon OVER! It is the most miserable place I have ever worked (and I'm including my first job at Tonanzio's). If it were not for my fellow servers, I would have never made it through. And so that ushers in the new season at Jolly Roger's!

Because I'm a paranoid, silly girl, I was a little nervous on the drive down, but as soon as I walked in, I felt at home. It is the greatest, most laid-back place. I knew Joe and Christy (the owners) were terrific bosses, but now with the stark contrast to John, Miquel and Vic, they seem angelic. They do crazy things like ask you to perform tasks instead of barking (sometimes nonsensical) orders. They say, "please" and, "thank you" and ask your opinion and actually listen to your response. They can write a coherent schedule. They run food and bus tables to be helpful, not to try to make you seem incompetent. When they give an instruction, it remains true, never changing moments later.

And, the money is great, too. The money at Sapphires was good when there were guests, but it wasn't reliable. We are weather dependent so there will be days that are really bad, but for the most part I can budget a predictable amount. I might finally get caught up from the first several months at Sapphires when I made virtually no money and had to rely on my credit to get by. Also, I can trust my paycheck to actually be right. What a refreshing change! In fairness, we get our tips every night so there are fewer opportunities for error, but I would trust Christy to get it right even if she had to calculate tips. Any complaints I have are nearly insignificant considering the tremendous weight given to simply liking my job. Sigh... I love it.

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