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Friday, February 6, 2009

Annual "Be Nice to ALL the Legislators Day"

Cookie Day announcement:

It's one week from next Tuesday!!! FEBRUARY 10TH -- and it's the most important Cookie Day to date! We want to celebrate John Loudon and midwifery now being LEGAL!!! And we need to educate lots of new reps and senators, so it STAYS legal!!
AND -- catch this -- JENNIFER BLOCK, the author of "Pushed" is GOING TO BE THERE!!!
Now you just HAVE to come! As if you didn't have to come before ;) Here are the details you need to know -- please share with friends! (Same info also found in attachment). Please make every effort to come out to Jeff City for at least a small chunk of your day. Feel free to email me if you have questions: halleylynnwatson@gmail.com.

Join Friends of Missouri Midwives

for our Annual Cookie Day at the

Missouri Capitol

Tuesday, February 10th

Cookie Deliveries between 9am-Noon

We have LOTS of new Representatives and Senators to educate,

so your attendance is especially important this year

(bring the whole family)!

1pm – Rally with Jennifer Block in the Rotunda

Bring your tastiest treats along with your family to share:

* Please package cookies in bags or sealed containers. Place 6 cookies in each bag. Brownies, bar cookies, and rice krispy treats are welcome as well! Paper plates are not a good idea as cookies slide off easily.

* Include a Valentine for legislators that identifies you as a homebirth family or supporter. Family pictures are great to include on the Valentines. Feel free to get creative and make your packages look special!

*Consider having supportive friends and family members make cookie bags as well. If you will be unable to attend cookie day, but would like to make cookies for the event, please contact your local Area Coordinator or Halley Watson.

It's important we know how many people (and cookies) to expect! For more information, to RSVP to the event (or to make cookie arrangements), contact your local Area Coordinator www.FriendsofMOMidwives.org

or contact Halley Watson at (314) 225-8305 halleylynnwatson@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

Kolbi-I think this sounds like fun. I have a dr's appointment but may see about switching it. I know you said you don't really do the facebook thing...but...you can create an event and invite your friends to it. My sister did one for her birthday. There is even an RSVP deal.