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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Central MO FoMM meeting

We had a really good meeting today of the newly rejuvenated Central MO FoMM group. I am very excited about the enthusiasm of some new faces.

I am just beginning to fully grasp how vital our Senate district is in the future of the midwifery cause. There are some pretty good contacts within our group to hopefully break down the current blockade which originates right here in Columbia.

Thursday we are meeting to work on the database which makes me so happy I could cry. I love being in charge of the supporters list because it allows me to make a difference on a time schedule that works for me (I frequently update things at 1:00 am.) That being said, some of the tasks are a bit overwhelming sometimes. I need help looking up the zip+4's and Senate and House districts and finding people to help is a Godsend.

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