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Friday, December 7, 2007

First Snow

Well, it had to happen eventually. We have had a very mild winter (thank you global warming) and I have tried to be appreciative, but apparently Mother Nature has decided we need some snow anyway. This afternoon we were blessed with fluffy, icy goodness. The kids, of course, were ecstatic, which made me feel like a louse of a mother since I spend so much time wishing against it. They managed to hit me with only four snowballs, which I count as a victory for me.

Levi took a slab of ice from the little pond out front and pretended to eat it, which I found hilarious, and also, disgusting. Paige decided to slide down the hill on her front and back alternatively, making her super happy and freeeezing! She didn't care a bit, of course.

So, that's our first snow day. We got maybe an inch of snow, but it was perfect snowball snow, so great fun. Now, if it could get up to, like 80*, I'd be super happy.

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